What Is an Tripod Turnstile?

Tripod Turnstile door is a simple gate solution in order to control the passage of one person at a time.

A tripod turnstile gate or waist high turnstile has three rotating metal arms that prevent multiple entries. It comes with an electric motor that turns the metal arms at a desirable speed. When a person passes through the gate, the rotating arms will lock automatically.

Tripod Turnstile Door Applications:
A Tripod turnstile Gate is used when access control is desired but full height security is not required. These turnstiles tend to look more inviting than full height turnstiles, so they are often used in customer service environments and at stadiums, sports and entertainment venues. Waist high turnstiles are a great solution for controlling access without seeming too intense.Tripod turnstile often used in bus and metro stations,amusement parks,arenas.