Optical Turnstile

What is an optical turnstile:

Optical Turnstiles are high-quality, technologically advanced security turnstile entry solutions. They are made up of two cabinets connected by invisible infrared beams. These cabinets use the infrared beams to tell when a person has passed through the optical turnstile lane. When a person attempts to enter without proper clearance, a visual or audible alert is triggered. If the turnstile has a barrier, the barrier will refuse to open along with the alerts to effectively deny access. Optical turnstiles utilize advanced software to integrate with modern access control systems and can be controlled remotely through an IP network.

Optical Turnstile Variation:

Optical turnstiles are very technologically advanced and because of this, they have many variations. Optical turnstiles can come with a physical barrier or they can be barrier-free. Barrier-free optical turnstiles rely solely on infrared beams to detect and deter passage, while barrier optical turnstiles utilize the internal infrared technology coupled with a physical barrier to provide added security against unwanted entry. There is a wide array of barrier types used for barrier optical turnstiles, including drop arm, swing arm, swing glass, flap barrier, and retractable glass. Because of their design, optical turnstile cabinets can be installed as close to or as far apart from each other as needed. This provides flexibility and allows lanes to be handicap accessible.

Optical Turnstile Applications:

Optical turnstiles are the modern-styled turnstiles of the future. Their stainless steel construction and sleek lines allow them to be used in lavish corporate lobbiesoffice buildings, data centers, government facilities, public transportation systems, stadiums and more. They provide very quick throughput, so they are often also implemented in subways and other public transportation terminals.

Optical Swing Turnstile FB241

Optical Swing Turnstile for Entrance Control FB241

Swing Turnstile FB205

Cutting Edge Designed Swing Turnstile FB205

Glass Turnstile(Office Lobby) FB204

Optical Swing Glass Turnstile

Swing Barrier Gate FB206

High-Security Swing Barrier Gate FB206

Swing Turnstile Gate Gym FB221

Stylish Designed Turnstile FB221

Pedestrian Turnstile FB210

Modern Design Pedestrian Turnstile FB210