Optical Turnstile Maintenance and Debug

Optical Turnstile Maintenance and Debug

What are the parts of the swing Optical turnstile gate?

Swing Optical Turnstile gate is also called swing gate. Its structure is as follows: Swing Turnstile gate is composed of chassis, movement, swing arm, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment and other parts.


What types of swing Optical turnstile gates are there?

1. The types of swing turnstile gates are divided according to the shape: cabinet-type swing turnstile gates and cylindrical swing gates. Cylindrical swing gates are divided into integrated cylindrical swing gates and split cylindrical swing gates.

The advantage of the cabinet-type swing gate is that the cabinet is large in size, and it is easy to install the card swipe system and other equipment into the gate;

Cylindrical swing turnstile gate is relatively small in size, beautiful in appearance, and the application is not easily affected by the site and is recognized by most users.

2. Divided according to the way of traffic: can be divided into electric swing gate and manual swing gate

Electric swing gates generally require external control to pass through. Conventional applications are controlled by buttons, IC/ID swiping systems, fingerprint recognition systems and other devices. With their own infrared sensors and other automatic detection devices, people can pass through quickly. Manual swing Gates are generally used in shopping malls, customs, bookstores and other places that only need one-way control. At the same time, it can evolve into gate equipment such as manual turnstiles.


What are the functional characteristics of standard products?

1. Through the built-in small button on the main control board, the running status of the device can be programmed online;

2. With fault self-checking and alarm prompt function, it is convenient for users to maintain and use;

3. Anti-bump function, when the swing arm is in the process of resetting, the motor will automatically stop working within the specified time, and the strength is very small;

4. Anti-shock function, the swing arm will be automatically locked when the opening signal is not received;

5. The swing arm can be adjusted synchronously (for the double swing situation);

6. With automatic reset function, after opening the gate, the system will automatically cancel the user’s permission to pass this time if it does not pass within the specified time;

7. Delay automatic reset, the standard is automatic reset 5 seconds after opening;

8. It can be connected to a variety of card readers, and receive relay switch signals to work;

9. Two-way pendulum, single and two-way control personnel in and out;

10. Remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer;

11. Normally open after power failure to meet the requirements of fire management;


What are the common faults of swing doors? Common faults and treatment methods of swing doors are as follows:

  1. After swiping the card, the swing door does not open, and there is no response, or it does not open automatically after the power is off. Check again to see if the open signal line has dropped, and check whether the open signal indicator on the main board has been opened. signal.

2. After swiping the card, the gate opens, but the gate does not close. In this case, the anti-pinch infrared in the middle is usually not properly aligned. Before fixing the case, you must make sure that the infrared pairing is correct to open and close the door normally. If the infrared is not properly aligned, it will alarm after power on. After swiping the card, please follow the direction arrow.

3. After swiping the card, one of the swing gates is open, and the other is not. Recheck whether the sync cable is connected properly. After connecting, make sure that the motherboard that you can’t turn on has received the signal to turn on. If not, check whether the wiring is dropped and the plug on the motherboard is properly inserted.

4. The swing gate has an automatic opening function after a power failure. If it does not open after a power failure, the cause is that the voltage of the backup battery (battery) inside is not enough. You can use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage is above 10V.

5. The working status of the direction indication is respectively, the green arrow points to the left, points to the right, or the red cross. If the direction indicator does not respond, or the direction indicated is incorrect. You can switch to another test and try it with a good one. Check the wiring again.


What problems should be paid attention to when operating the swing Turnstile? The precautions for the operation and use of the swing door are mainly as follows:

1. Properly manage the equipment when it is not working, and it is strictly forbidden to knock or shake the equipment;

2. Before the swing gate is put into use, it must pass the function debugging, and it can be put into use after the debugging is normal;

3. When pedestrians pass through the passage, do not stay in the middle of the passage for a long time;

4. When pedestrians read the cartoon line, the direction indicator sign has not turned green, and it is strictly prohibited to enter the passage;

5. Don’t be crowded when passing through the gate, and keep a certain distance between people;

6. It is strictly forbidden not to read the card and pass through the gateway quickly;

7. When the swing door is in the closed state, it is strictly forbidden to push or hit the gate forcefully;

8. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the passage when the swing gate is powered on;

9. It is recommended to mark the pass instructions of this machine at a conspicuous place where the swing door is working to guide passers-by through the gate passage in a safe and orderly manner.

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